Programmed by Andrew Bradfield --- Graphics by Harvey Kong Tin

For Atari 800 series computers - This program designed in 1986-1989

Where? of Secondary games Difficulty=Level 2

      These are not complete maps, so they don't give the game away entirely. They are presented as where is the Blaster upgrade? Where is the Key? etc... Not everything is shown. Note: Hopefully other maps for the other planets will be available soon?

      The first thing to do, is to find the Blaster. Now find the key, explosive, door to where the crystal segment is secured, plant the explosive next to the door by pressing "E" on the keyboard, then get the crystal segment, then go to the teleport beacon within the complex. Teleport beacon is shown as an X that will appear after you have picked up the missing crystal piece. {stored in a container}.

      Xavier and Sorea are particularly interesting, different, devious and ingenious. Try them out and see how weird the game gets.

     You can email me at: kiwilove@paradise.net.nz I welcome comments!

Xavier Level 2
 "I've found the "Blaster" upgrade!"

 And the key (Automatically opens locked doors)

 And wow!!! I've found the crystal segment!

 And now...?

And the explosive, now...? Where to?
 I have to get to the teleport beacon!

Cytron Level 2
 "I've just picked up the key

 And now the 'Blaster' upgrade for my gun!

Sorea Level 2
 I've found the Blaster!

 Found the TrapFinder! A very handy device!
Press "T" on keyboard to turn it ON [or OFF].

 And found the 'Key'

Ancoona Level 2
I Love Machine Code [or something like this?]
 "I've just picked up the "Blaster" upgrade!"

 And now the key!

 And the 'Explosive'. Neat!

 And the TrapFinder.

 And now I just used the Explosive, blowing up the door.

 I'm getting the crystal segment.

Going to the Teleporter Beacon
 I'm just about outta here, just need to touch the beacon!

Cytron Level 2
 Just got the Blaster upgrade!

 Found the key!

 Ooops, the emulator crashed the game.
This piccie shows the crystal location.

Other levels will be shown soon.... maybe....