Programmed by Andrew Bradfield --- Graphics by Harvey Kong Tin

For Atari 800 series computers - This program designed in 1986-1989

Map of landscapes showing hidden targets

      Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and you should find yourself at the start of planet 'Mycea' - ready for an attack run on that planet. Bomb the hidden targets (small cross or rectangle shown here) which are completely invisible, but when bombed, will reveal a white flag and grant you an extra helicopter, bonus points or a temporary shield. Hopefully other maps for the other planets will be available soon? Note: Some white flags are shown for the other planets, on the screens here - with the screen showing Cytron in the secondary game, note, 'you' have just picked up/ found the 'Blaster' upgrade for your gun. Well done! Now find the key, explosive, door to where the crystal segment is secured, then the teleport beacon within the complex. Teleport beacon is shown as an X that will appear after you have picked up the missing crystal piece. {stored in a container}.
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This is the Secondary Game in HawkQuest. "I've now just picked up the "Blaster" upgrade!"

And another ... And another ...
And a different hidden target above
I'm now going for the one on the left hand side.... Good, I've done it!

Now, I'm going for the blue light on the left! I'm gonna bomb the blue light in front of me!

Planet Cytron - Start here...

Screen B Screen B Screen B Screen B Screen B Screen C Screen C Screen C Screen C Screen C Screen A Screen A Screen A Screen A Screen A Planet Mycea - START HERE....

and on this building and here and later here is bombed Water pattern visible above crosshair

Planet Ancoona - Start here... hidden target is plain grey and water eddie

Much later on, here. Target is here - Shield! Note above crosshair - dark crater visible Target is here Note above crosshair - dirt pattern visible

Planet Sorea - Start here... Dirt patterns light and dark, are both visible on Sorea

Another top of building. and here. Both sides of this intersection, here... other side of the road here The building, above + and...

Planet Xavier - there are 3 hidden targets near the very start!